5 Reasons To Stop Using Artificial Sweeteners Today

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon Artificial sweeteners cause heated rifts amongst health experts. Are they good or bad? Sure, they have fewer calories than processed sugar. But can a mad-made chemical really be beneficial for your health? Today, we are playing the devil's advocate. Here are 5 science-backed reasons why you...


Fat-Free? Gluten-Free? 4 Deceptive Industry Labels

In a $72 billion industry, it comes as no surprise that the weight-loss industry isn't always truthful. Deceptive labels on our food packaging like fat-free, gluten-free, and dairy free are the most common offender. These catchphrases on food packaging often mislead us to believe that we're receiving nutrition benefits that...


5 Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting For Your Body

Intermittent fasting has quickly become a growing health trend, promoting eating patterns that cycle between periods of feeding and fasting. Fortunately, this method goes beyond questionable diet trend and can effectively benefit your body, weight loss goals and overall health. How to Intermittent Fast Beginners to intermittent fasting should start...

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