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What comes to mind when you first hear the words “nutritional information?” For most of us, it’s the nutritional facts panel on the packaging of our food. At Trusted Nutrition, nutritional information is more than that. At Trusted Nutrition, nutritional information is interesting, vital, and cutting edge.

At Trusted Nutrition, we don’t just give you the facts, we tell you what they mean. Our expert writers and reporters are on the pulse of the pulse of the planet, giving you the most up to date findings so you can make informed decisions about what’s right for you and the people that matter to you.  From health and lifestyle, to fitness and training, our team is here to give you the up to the minute news with accurate information and detailed analysis, so you can put it all together.

But more than just an educative health website, Trusted Nutrition is a community. Beyond providing information, we provide support. We want to be your go-to in times of uncertainty, whether it be buying the right vitamins or making a major health decision. We’re equal parts passion and compassion, fact and opinion, solemnity and entertainment. 

If you’re new to our website, we welcome you to our community.  We want you to remember, as strong as our voices are, your voice is just as important to us.   Please reach out to us and think of us whenever you want “nutritional” information that doesn’t come from the side of a box. At Trusted Nutrition, we believe that healthy, practical and impactful solutions come from real people with real information.

Artem Golynkin CEO

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