How To Treat Epilepsy With CBD

Have you heard bout CBD? How about Epilepsy? Epilepsy affects over 60 million people globally. In the United States of America, 26% of the population will have epileptic symptoms at least once in their lifetime. Significant signs of epilepsy include regular seizures. Significant causes of epilepsy include genetics, stroke, infection,...


CBD: A New Option to Help Handle Anxiety Now

Anxiety Is On The Rise Anxiety continues to make headlines as people are trying to cope with the COVID pandemic, and all the changes it is causing. We feel fear for our well-being, economic stability, our loved ones' health, and our health. Uncertainty about the future is causing a chronic...


What Benefits to Expect from Using CBD Long-Term

The topic of the endocannabinoid system is evolving and expanding... Along with it, the growing interest in natural substances that nurture it and how they might benefit health.  It also factors in other more commonly known human physiological systems, such as nervous, endocrine, circulatory, or immune systems. The endocannabinoid system...


Do You Know CBD? 5 Facts About Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol or CBD is the biggest news in the health and nutrition sector. It is among the over one hundred known cannabinoids in cannabis plants and makes up to 40℅ plants extract. Research carried out on CBD include those related to a movement disorder, pain, and depression. It was discovered...


CBD And Sleep Disorders

Clinical Sleep Research (CBD Sleep Disorders) Early sleep disorders research seem to have started in the 18th century when in 1729, Jean Jacques de Marian, while researching plant growth in darkness, began to associate the circadian rhythms in humans. Later in the 1800s, research continued on the connection between body...


7 Cannabinoids To Look For In CBD Testing

In the world of CBD, industry expansion has been enormous. Medical claims, exaggerated claims, licensing, FDA rules and regulations, new companies seemingly emerging daily. When we first started the research three or four years ago for personal use products, uses for our aging dogs, as well as for skincare, massage,...

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