Weight loss? Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Whey Protein

Weight loss Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Whey Protein

It’s hard to pass colorful looking smoothie bowls and the perks of protein powder floating around. You might have seen a gamut of options popping up on your feed, but Whey is undoubtedly the most prominent option. It’s a popular choice for athletes and an excellent addition to your weight loss journey.

Whey comes from the watery portion of milk. Typically, milk is a combination of 80% casein and 20% whey. Whey is the liquid portion of milk. It contains a fair amount of amino acids that are easy to absorb. If you have made cheese at home, you might have noticed that the milk’s fatty parts coagulate and separate. This separated liquid is called Whey and is further processed to extract proteins and converted into a powdered form. You can add them to your smoothie bowls, shakes, or drink it by mixing 1-2 scoops in water.                                                              

When you buy whey protein, you’ll find that they are sold in two varieties ­- whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. They differ in the way they are processed. Whey concentrate contains 70%-80% protein. Carbs and fats make up the remaining 20% of this form. Overall, it’s a delicious, flavorful variant. On the other hand, the isolate form contains 90% proteins or more and contains lesser carbohydrates, fats, and other nutritional benefits. If you decide to start consuming Whey, it’s recommended you opt for the concentrated form because it’s not only less expensive but also has some natural ingredients.

Whey can be consumed at any age and act as an excellent meal replacement. It comes with a host of benefits. Here are some benefits:

1. Promotes muscle growth:

Strength training an essential part of building muscle strength and get that toned body look. Whey protein’s powerful peptides can help you achieve that. Peptides are tiny protein molecules that are easily absorbed by the body and help increase lean muscle mass and speed up the recovery process. The best time to consume Whey is 30 minutes before the workout and allow it to do its magic!    

2. Helps you lose weight:

Increasing your daily intake of high-quality protein during your weight loss journey can help you feel fuller for more extended periods and reduce the urges to snack untimely. Protein triggers the receptors that communicate the message of feeling full to your brain, which in turn can reduce your calorie intake. After consuming whey protein for a while, you’ll notice your metabolism getting slower.

Weight loss Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Whey Protein, yogurt and protein

3. Muscle retention:

Our body’s muscle mass will eventually decrease as we grow older. An average human body might lose muscle mass by 3-5% per decade after 30 years, and by 70 years, it decreases by 20-30%. Whey protein can help you reduce that process effectively due to Leucine’s presence, the growth-promoting amino acids. When coupled with strength training, whey protein can promote and maintain muscle mass.

4. Helps reduce inflammation:

Inflammations can be are usually bearable but sometimes can be harmful if they are chronic. Underlying health problems and poor lifestyle are some reasons for getting inflammations. Whey protein can help reduce them by reducing your blood levels for reactive proteins.                                                               

Two in five Americans consume protein shakes, and smoothies and Whey is an essential ingredient in them. Whey is a healthy and effective way to supplement protein content regularly. It’s completed safely if you consumed in the right amounts at the proper intervals and frequencies mentioned on the jar.

Weight loss Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Whey Protein, protein powder

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