Hate the Gym? Try These 6 Activities Today

hate the gym

We all know that going to the gym is good for us. We should move every day. We should do some sort of resistance training. And we should get our heart rate up.

But, what if you hate the gym?

If you hate the intimidating weights room, the mirror selfies, and the upbeat classes, don’t rest on your laurels and give in!

Believe it or not, I lost 30lbs in 3 months after joining and canceling 3 gym memberships within 2 years. Here are some of the best ways to keep fit without the gym.

A Vigorous Vaccuum

hate the gym
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The best way to get more movement into your day is to combine it with something that you’re already doing. Now, for safety, I only recommend this if you have a cordless vacuum. It’ll make sure you keep great posture. While you’re vacuuming your home, do it as though you need to pick the kids up from school in thirty minutes. You’ll be puffed much sooner than you think.

There are many other ways to keep fit at home. Box jump up the stairs or try sliding lunges on the kitchen floor. Use any movement that you do daily as an opportunity to get your heart rate up. Your family might think you’re nuts, but they’ll be the ones laughing when they see how fit you are without the gym.

Run Away With The Circus

Not literally. But there are plenty of circus activities that will build muscle, shred fat and keep your heart healthy. Aerial silks, hoop, trapeze, pole dancing, and juggling, to name a few. As an aerialist, you’ll be using all your muscles to keep you from falling while getting the perfect #insta shot for the gram.

Circus activities are perfect for those who hate the gym because you still need to do all of the primary exercises, but it doesn’t feel like working out. You’ll be doing flutter kicks, pushups, and crunches but you’ll love them now because you want to nail your next trick! If you don’t have a circus school in your city. Trying out a simple slackline is a fun idea with your friends. At your own risk, of course.

Box Away Your Boredom

hate the gym
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Want to feel like a bad-ass? Boxing is one of the most empowering fitness regimes in the world. And better yet, you don’t have to get punched. There are plenty of studios out there that specialize in pad training. That’s boxing on bags, or with a trainer who has pads.

If you really hate the gym or anything that looks like a gym, you can do it from home. Feel the boxing burn by getting your partner on board and try boxing from home. You’ll burn a high amount of calories, strengthen through your upper body, and the impact will improve joint problems like osteoporosis.

Pretend You’re In A Music Video

hate the gym
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My personal method of keeping fit and how I lost weight was pretending to be Beyonce. Wait, what? Yes, I love to dance and I pretended to be a backup dancer for her and other artists that I love. It feels a bit silly at first, but it quickly becomes effortless and enjoyable.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your heart is pounding and your brow is sweating. Did you know that dancing burns as many as 700 calories per hour? For comparison, running six miles per hour burns 557 calories per hour. It’s not just for those who hate the gym, but for those who hate running too!

Bring Back Your Team Spirit!

hate the gym
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What did you love to do as a child? Were you a basketball player, a cheerleader, or maybe you were in the marching band? There are local adult classes for almost every sport. Sure, you might not be as fit as you once were in the good old days. But bringing back that team spirit will keep you moving at least once per week and it’ll help you meet other people.

The great thing about team sports is that you’re accountable to other people. If you hate the gym, it’s likely you’ll have skipped a few workout sessions. But if it’s the team that’s relying on you, you simply can’t say no to training!

Moving forward, see why 1200 calories isn’t enough, despite what fitness magazine tell you!

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