The Superior Effects Of Cold-Pressed Juice Over Regular Juice

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You may have noticed cold-pressed juice is all the rage nowadays and wondered if this method of extraction is worth the hype and extra money. Lucky for you, the verdict is out on the superior effects of cold-pressed juice over regular juice. Read on to discover the science behind its enhanced nutritional content, and how to unlock the full power of juicing for yourself!

Cold-pressed juicers, like the Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer, utilize a hydraulic press to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables by gently squeezing the produce, which is first chopped into small pieces. Research consistently shows that since no heat is created during this process the juice remains cold, and as with all raw food, this ensures that the enzymes and vitamins stay intact so they are better preserved for the drinker to absorb later.

This study found that their cold-pressed juice contained about 15% more nutrients overall when compared to juice created with standard centrifugal extraction. It has the added benefit of not degrading the nutrients and flavor as quickly over time, staying fresh longer without separating or spoiling like generic juice. Not to mention, cold-pressed juice amazingly yields about 20% to 30% more quantity which results in less wasted produce overall! 

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By comparison, regular juice, also known as centrifugal or masticated juice, is extracted with blades whirling at high RPMs that force the juice out through a mesh filter, separating the pulp from the liquid. Unfortunately, centrifugal juicers can produce a significant amount of heat and damage the delicate nutrients, flavor, and shelf life of the final product. This makes for a chunkier less nutritious juice that separates almost immediately. 

Incorporating fresh cold-pressed juices into your diet is a convenient way to get the most benefit out of the incredible properties of countless power foods, such as berries, leafy greens, and ginger, mentioned in our recent article, Brilliant Maximizing with Powerfoods. Leafy greens, for example, are rich in vitamins, minerals, omega 3-fatty acids, and insoluble fiber. Berries can have intensely beneficial anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing properties.

Ginger can be added to any number of juices to boost anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, helping to cleanse the body and improve digestion. Even nuts and seeds can be extracted to create your own nutritious nut milk, packed with flavor, healthy fats, and protein. With so many endless possibilities, you’ll be sure to add whatever is lacking in your diet currently through the cold-pressed juicing process.   

When we take a look at most standard juices, on the other hand, they are typically pasteurized, or heated to high temperatures on purpose for a short period, in order to kill potentially harmful bacteria. This heat once again also destroys good bacteria and the desired nutritional benefits of the juice even more in the process.

Regular store-bought juice products can have sugar or other harmful additives to watch out for as well. These types of common practices degrade the nutritional quality of the juice even further than if you were to use a countertop masticating juicer at home and render it nearly worthless next to the potent nutrition and taste of cold-pressed juice. If you do use a masticating juicer at home, then be sure to drink the juice immediately, before the enzymes breakdown even more. 

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In conclusion, it’s clear to see that the cold-pressed method preserves the real power and integrity of raw juice for optimal flavor and health. This juice is truly worth the squeeze, as it delivers more bang for your buck in terms of vitamins and living enzymes, and has a better yield to waste ratio per quantity of product used. If you are interested in juicing for enhanced healing, energy, or cleansing, do yourself a favor and be sure to reach for the cold-pressed variety before the rest, or even better, start making your own cold-pressed juice at home!

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