Brilliant Maximizing with Powerfoods

Powerfoods – Maximizing Nutrients and Calories

“Expensive” and “bland” are the initial first thoughts to healthy food. The idea that you can gain maximum nutrients AND have a delicious meal isn’t always attainable. However, with certain power foods, it can add much more benefit to your meal with substitutions and add-ons. The results can ultimately be beneficial for your diet and physical health. The biggest concern with seeking superfoods is cost, versatility and taste. However, as we learn more about the food we consume the probable we become to infusing it in diet.

“Superfood” is a fairly new term meaning a source of food has an abundance in nutrients with low calories. These are the foods that are recommended for nourishing health, wellness and linked to the prevention of diabetes and anti-inflammation. Upon research I have found that the most common power foods are:

1. Berries

These assortments of berries: raspberry, blackberry, cranberry & blueberry are loaded with value. Even though the study of berries continues, all may contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, source of Vitamin A and lowers the risk of diabetes. The antioxidants in the berries are what protect our cells against harmful radicals. In addition to being anti-aging and possibly the prevention of cancer, berries are a power food that is beneficial to your diet. These can be bought and consumed fresh, frozen or dried and are available year-round. A cup of berries can have approximately 45-85 calories. By infusing berries in your diet it can help lead to weight loss; berries are low in calories and contain mostly water. A great low-calorie snack.

2. Green Tea

Zero-calorie and zero sugar. The amount of benefits green tea has is mind-blowing. One of the popular effects is improving physical performance and fat-burning. Green tea has the ability to boost metabolism, depending on the individual, resulting in losing body fat. Although green tea has caffeine content it is not on the same caliber as coffee. Meaning it has the same effect (improving concentration) but without the shakiness. Matcha is another form of green tea; leaves ground very finely in a powder form. Same benefits and just as tasty. Having a cup or two of green tea a day can make a difference.

How about some green tea? Brilliant Maximizing with Powerfoods
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3. Dark Leafy Greens

Kale, spinach, arugula and romaine lettuce are great substitutions you can add to your diet to receive a bit more nutritional value to any meal. Kale consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, omega 3-fatty acid and only contains less than 34 calories in a cup. Best consumed raw to obtain full nutrients but commonly served as a salad or chips. Spinach is high in insoluble fiber; aiding indigestion. Not to mention a great source of iron and Vitamin A. Can be consumed fresh, cooked, and considered to be one of the healthiest greens available. Arugula, not as popular but equally as beneficial. Along with romaine lettuce, these two are commonly used as substitutes or additions to salads.


One of the most inexpensive and healthy foods available are beans. A great source of plant-based protein and dense with fiber; beans are a great addition to any diet. Black and garbanzo (chickpeas) beans are packed with iron and calcium. Study shows that they may contribute to a healthy bone structure. Along with being high in fiber and low in calories, beans help with appetite control and weight management. A cup of cooked black beans contains about 227 calories and 15g of protein whereas a cup of chickpeas contains about 260 calories and 14g of protein. Although both are a great source of protein they are great to pair with another source of protein for maximum effect.

Beans are considered a powerfood
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5. Avocado

The most popular fruit in both plant-based diets and the modern diet. Healthy and essential fatty acids, high in protein, and ample ways of being prepared. The most appealing trait of avocados is the potassium content; more than bananas. In addition to being low calorie, when consumed with other plant foods it increases the antioxidant absorption. An entire avocado contains about 245 calories and 23g of healthy fat; making it popular in any diet. The fiber and calorie density in avocados may curb appetite and potentially help in weight loss. Avocados are mainly consumed raw, on toast, and in salads and still maintain the full nutritional value.

6. Ginger/Turmeric

These two go hand in hand due to being a part of the same plant family. Turmeric is often consumed as a spice whereas ginger is prepared raw. Commonly used in herbal medicine, ginger and turmeric are very popular for anti-inflammation and the prevention of nausea. Ginger, specifically, is known for supporting the immune system with the compound gingerol. Turmeric has an active compound, curcumin, that has been proven to have health benefits such as improving the symptoms of depression. A tablespoon of turmeric powder contains about 27 calories and can be eaten in a smoothie, added to tea or used as a seasoning.

Turmeric and ginger are considered a powerfood
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A tablespoon of ginger, containing about 5 calories, is a great addition to tea for a soothing effect. Ginger and turmeric are often consumed together in a tea, smoothie or pressed juice. The biggest attraction to ginger and turmeric is its ability to have a detox effect; cleansing the body and stimulating the digestive system. Although not very fond of the taste, ginger and turmeric are notable for the power food name.

The similarities in all six of these foods are: rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, low calorie, protein density, and potency of vitamins. The term superfood, or power food, is given to all of them due to the impact they may have on long-term health, affordability, and availability year-round. Although the research continues on each food adding them to your diet would be highly beneficial and gives the opportunity to explore substitutions. The purpose of power foods is to maximize full nutritional value and explore other nourishing options.

In an attempt to break the barrier, more power foods are being discovered and incorporated into daily diet to demonstrate that being healthy isn’t always expensive and is attainable.

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