Go Biking This Summer – 6 Reasons Why

Biking this Summer

Start biking this summer!

It has been months since we have put our lives on hold. Amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, there has been a consistent message circulating about ‘getting outside and keep moving.’ The shutting down of gyms and fitness centers has left millions of people with no place to work out. With this ongoing trend, it won’t be a surprise if people begin canceling their gym membership.

Biking this summer on the road
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While there are numerous home fitness apps available just a few clicks away, let’s face it – you want to step outside and make the most of the summer months before winter comes knocking at your door, forcing a natural shutdown. While running is the most common form of an outdoor workout, what about those who do not like impact exercises where their legs constantly pound the pavement or find running monotonous? The alternative is simple – BIKING!!!

Biking is a low impact aerobic workout that puts less pressure on your body and joints making it a great way to kickstart your fitness journey. From casual riding to intense workout to simply being an eco-friendly mode of transportation, biking does it all!

Here are a few other reasons why biking is a great workout:

  • Ride more, burn more:

Running indeed burns more calories per mile but you can bike more than you can run! The ability to cover greater distances on the bike means you can explore new places and scenic spots within a short span of time. You still get the benefit of the increased heart rate which allows your body to burn more calories throughout the day.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety:

The ongoing pandemic has significantly impacted people’s state of mind. The incessant news about furloughs, layoffs, adjusting to work from home routine, having to spend more time with kids due to daycare and school closures, and balancing household chores can be stressful. More and more people are afraid of what the future holds.

Biking brings about calm and peaceful thoughts. It is a great way to zone out and enjoy the outdoors. It not only improves your mood but helps you eat and sleep better and instills creativity.

The World's Longest Mountain Bike Route is About to Get Longer ...
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  • Variety, variety, variety:

Go Biking This Summer - 6 Reasons Why 1Road biking is different from Mountain biking. Biking in an urban setting is different from biking on open roads or through trails and forests. Each of these forms comes with its own type of bike and level of fitness. Having variety gives you the option of experimenting and keeping the bike rides fun.

  • Style quotient:

Biking outfits are the most fashionable and stylish. Bikes, helmets, glasses, vests, jackets, gloves, shoes – choose bold, unique colors and designs to mix and match your outfit and build your own style.

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  • Fewer injuries:

Runners are often plagued with a long list of injuries. We have all heard about ligament fractures, stress fractures, and ankle sprains. Those heavy looking casts around the leg can keep you out of action for days. Biking is a low impact sport that puts less strain on your body compared to running.

  • Full-body conditioning:

We all know that biking builds lower body strength by targeting quads, thighs, and calf muscles. Pushing the pedals is equivalent to resistance training that makes your legs stronger. But biking does so much more. Maintaining a good posture while riding a bike works your core and abdominal muscles. So who says biking cannot give you those washboard abs?

From children to adults to seniors, biking can be enjoyed by all age groups. Give it a shot and you will never want to let go of it. If you enjoyed reading this article and would like to continue to read, check out our article on the 4 books you should own if you a runner

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