Steps: How to Get Rid of Your Back Pain Quickly!

Steps: How to Get Rid of Your Back Pain Quickly!

Chronic Back Pain is painful and prevents you from doing regular activities. A person having back pain may even face trouble while sleeping or getting up from the bed. This pain can disturb your life badly. You need to find simple ways to get rid of this pain.

There are different ways to eliminate pain, such as home remedies, fruit or veggie drinks, medication, yoga, etc. All of them are great back pain reliever, but every person can’t do these things. For this reason, we have mentioned some simple steps to reduce your back pain. By following all these methods, you can see a significant change and alleviate the symptoms.

So, what are these methods? Let’s discover.

Steps to Reduce Back Pain

1. Sleep on Your One Side

A person having chronic back pain feels almost impossible to sleep. However, if you don’t get good enough sleep, your back pain can become worse. Not to mention, a poor sleep position can also increase back pain. Try to sleep on your one side. Put a pillow between your knees, which helps you to adjust your spine in a neutral position. This way, you can relieve strain from your back.

But if you want to lie on your back, place the pillow under your knees. Plus, make sure you have a comfortable, firm mattress.

2. Enjoy Anti-Inflammatory Drinks

Eating anti-inflammatory foods helps in the development of different anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants agents in your blood. So, when your body needs them, they play a great role in reducing your body’s inflammatory reactions.

Besides, there are various types of anti-inflammatory drinks that play the role of back pain reliever. You can make them at home and enjoy their benefits. Some of these include turmeric milk, tarts cherry juice, and ginger-green tea. All of them are famous and great for your health in different ways.

3. Don’t Rest on Achy Back

In older times, people used to think that they can get rid of the back pain by resting the whole day. Doctors would also ask their patients to bed rest for back pain. However, thanks to the latest studies and research, we now understand that lying still for a couple of days can only trigger the pain. It makes your pain worse and lead to other problems.

If you have severe back pain, you can rest for a day or two. But after that, try to get up from the bed and move your body. Exercises are the best way to relieve back painquickly. If you are unable to do exercise, you can just walk slowly. Or if you like, you can try swimming or yoga.

4. Avoid Static Posture

It is vital to consider the muscles and joints of your hip and spine and maintain the right posture. You can prevent stress on these joining with the help of the following tips:

Avoid Prolong Sitting

Try to avoid excessive sitting or bring a standing desk for your work. When you sit in one position for a longer time, you increase the pressure on your spinal disc. Try to leave your chair after every hour and walk for a few minutes to eliminate the load on your disc.

Consider Your Posture

Consider your posture and check whether your shoulder, neck, and back are aligned. If not, then adjust and uphold the right posture to prevent the pressure on your spine. Poor posture can cause various problems in your back, leading to an increase in pain.

sitting on a chair with bad posture with cause terrible back pain
Photo by Bui Cuong

Change Activities

Change activities to prevent the same set of joints and muscles from getting all the stress. For instance, if you are standing and working for a couple of hours, change your activity and do something that allows you to sit down. Once your muscle and joints get some time to relax, you can stand again for your work.

If you have severe symptoms, choose less stressful activities, such as listening to music or reading a book. These activities play a great role to divert your mind from the back pain and give you time to rest your back.

5. Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching your muscles is a back pain reliever and also makes you flexible. It also helps in the recovery of a back injury. You can stretch before intensive exercises or heavy lifting. Also, make it your habit to stretch your body before going to bed.

stretch your muscles and your cat, avoid back pain
Photo by Tamba Budiarsana

Stretches are simple; you can do this by bending back, bending forward, and bending side to side. There are also various stretching exercises such as yoga, which you can do to eliminate your back pain.

6. Try a Warm Pool

The warm water gives you the advantages of exercise with less pain. Exercising in water or just swimming regulates the functions of muscles and nerves, which leads to relief in pain.

Warmer pools are great if you want hydrotherapy pools or water exercise classes. For water therapy exercises, the temperature of the water must be around 83 degrees to 88 degrees. Moreover, for the hydrotherapy pool, the water temperature can be about more than 90 degrees.

7. Keep a Self-Activating Heat Patch

A heat patch that activates when comes in contact with your body can help you a lot. They are great to carry on your road trips or to keep on the bedside table drawer. These tools can activate quickly, and you can even wear them inside your clothes.

Follow the instruction mentioned on heat patches to use it correctly. Do remember that wearing them the entire day can also damage your skin. Moreover, some heath patches come with infused medications to give you quicker and longer pain relief.

8. Take Some Vitamins

Vitamin B can help you eliminate chronic pain. This vitamin is great to boost the immune system, support the central nervous system, and help in the healing process after illness or injury.

You can also add omega-3 fatty acids in your regular diet. These elements contain anti-inflammatory properties that help your body to reduce inflammation that is causing pain. If you want a natural source of omega-3 fatty acid, you can have eggs, seafood, and milk. Moreover, the natural sources for vitamin B are bananas, avocadoes, potatoes, turkey, nuts, and legumes.

Bottom Line for Back Pain:

All of the methods mentioned above are back pain relievers, but you don’t have to apply all these tricks at a time. Try to use some of them and see their results.

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