Some people feel that stretching is a body exercise that is done by only athletes, gymnasts, or bodybuilders; however, this is not the case because we all stand to gain a lot from stretching our bodies. If you are interested in living a long healthy life, you must include stretching in your daily routine. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or over the top; the goal is to do it enough to benefit our bodies and even our minds. Here are some of the health benefits your body gets when you stretch.

Stretching Increases the Flexibility and Mobility of your Body

Our bodies age even as we grow older, and our muscles tend to become stiff and become shorter. Stretching increases the strength, flexibility, and health of our muscles. Quite frankly, the more you move your muscles, the more flexible they become, and the less likely for they become stiff.

Also, when our muscles become tight, we feel pain when we try to perform an activity as easy as bending to pick something up. Stretching decreases the risk of this kind of event. By stretching regularly, we keep our muscles and joints in shape, making our daily movements much easier and less painful.

Stretching Enhances Performance in Physical Activities

One major benefit of stretching is that it effectively revitalizes our energy levels. When we engage in some physical activities and we get tired, our muscles tighten and we find it difficult to continue that activity. We can get that energy we need to continue that activity by stretching for a few minutes. As an athlete, stretching would help improve your performance. Stretching your muscles regularly will make them completely relaxed and ready for any athletic performance, in addition, it will prevent injuries.

Stretching Helps in Stress Management

Stretching can be a very useful tool for stress management and anxiety relief. Often when we are stressed, it is because our muscles are tightened up. As such, when we stretch places that would most likely hold stress, like the neck, back, and shoulders, we tend to release endorphins in our body and this helps to calm our mind and gradually reduce the stress we feel. It is recommended that you have a good stretch before going to bed to help us sleep better. 

Stretching Reduces and Heals Back Pain

Health research has shown that the major cause of back pain is tight muscles in the lower back. It’s the tight muscles that eventually affect the health of our spine. However, stretching is very effective at healing existing back injuries. Regularly stretching our bodies helps in reducing the tightness in the muscles and easing the stress on the spine, thereby reducing the risk of future back pains.  

Back Pain
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Stretching Reduces the Risk Of Sustaining Injuries

Research shows that stretching could help with fine-muscle coordination; in other words, meaning when we stretch, we might be able to avoid a tumble by making small balance adjustments. Basically, when we stretch, our muscles become warm and movement becomes easier.

Stretching Improves Posture

Stretching is also effective for the improvement of our posture. When we stretch, we do not only strengthen our muscles, but we also encourage proper alignment of our muscles, thereby giving our bodies a more vertical posture.

posture correction
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Stretching Encourages Blood Circulation

Studies show that stretching can help your blood circulation. This would help our organs function properly, promote new cell growth, and stabilize our blood pressure. This also means that the recovery process of our muscles during and after exercises would be sped up.


It’s exciting to know that there are so many health benefits of stretching but we must make sure that we are doing it right. We need to focus more on major muscle-tendon which includes neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, pelvis, hips, and legs. Also, there should be consistency – the more we stretch, the more benefits we gain from it. To get the best from it, try to stretch at least 2-3 days per week for about 10 minutes. Not only will this give you a break from your tight work schedule, but it will also help to strengthen your body and mind. 

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