6 Best CBD Delivery Methods For Pain


History – CBD Delivery Methods

According to the ministry of hemp TIMELINE, the first traces of hemp were found way back in 8000 BCE in Egypt and the Asian regions now modern-day China and Taiwan. The oldest remnants discovered to date are hemp cords used in pottery, and records also show that hemp seeds and its oils were used as food in China. 

In the USA, hemp was introduced and grown in 1606. American farmers grew hemp that had uses across different product lines such as paper, oils, rope, clothing, and sailcloth. In the 1700s, farmers were even legally required to grow hemp as a staple crop; or be fined!

The Egyptian Hemp Goddess

The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act placed a tax on all cannabis sales (including hemp), heavily discouraging the production of hemp.

Finally, after failed attempts to pass hemp-specific laws, an amendment to the “Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018,” aka the Farm Bill, US Pres. Trump signed the bill into law on Dec 20, 2018. This amendment removed the hemp plant, along with any of its seeds and derivatives from the Controlled Substances Act. A massive win for the hemp industry and the start of a variety of CBD delivery methods for pain. #CBD, #cbdpainrelief, #cbdproducts

6 Best CBD Forms

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I can list about a dozen CBD delivery methods that can be beneficial for a variety of pain management issues. Some I will group giving us five to focus on and one category, which I will call miscellaneous.

Regardless of the delivery methods, there are several things to look for in all CBD products you are considering trying for pain.

First, it should be a reputable company that has some track record, a website, positive reviews, and not making outlandish claims.

Next, the product line should have gone through industry-standard third-party testing for purity and low amounts of pesticides, heavy metals, microbiological and solvent residue from extraction. Learn how to read a COA

Speaking of extraction methods, there are many ways to extract the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. The best and purest is from the supercritical CO2 process.

Lastly, it should state that the product is a full-spectrum CBD product, meaning that it has at least the 7 cannabinoids to look for in CBD testing of over 100 so far discovered

Regardless if your pain issues are emanating from extreme athletic performance and training, or a chronic muscle/nerve issue, a past injury, or from cancer pain, CBD products in so many forms can at least partially relieve many of these symptoms.

The top six forms of CBD delivery methods are;

  • Oils
  • Edibles-(baked, gummies, protein powders, etc.)
  • Pills and gelcaps
  • Creams and topical lotions
  • Vapes
  • Beverages-(coffee, tea, etc.)

And the miscellaneous category that is new or just introduced;

Subdermal patches, face masks, intranasal, dabs, bath bombs, toothpicks, and recently studied suppositories, either rectal or vaginal.

CBD oils were one of the first to come to market and have found a special place in the lives of many suffering with pain issues. One thing to be aware of is the concentration.

CBD PAIN MANAGEMENT, how athletes can benefit from CBD

A 1000mg CBD 10ml bottle will convert to a concentration of 10%, but in a 20ml bottle, it’s only half, or 5%, and 2%  in a 50ml bottle. This is the true and accurate measure of strength. Some labels will break it down for you and give a dose per dropper of say 25mg CBD per dropper. The same is true for edibles, pills, and beverages.

The possible issues with edibles, pills, beverages, and anything that has to go through the GI tract, is that it has to be partially broken down by the liver and digestive tracts. This method may cause a delay in its effect by up to two hours as well as a loss of absorption of perhaps 50%.

For those lingering effects of the weekend warrior, past injuries, or sprains and strains, there are many topical lotions and creams as well as transdermal patches widely used. I use several lotions and balms in my sports therapy practice and stretching classes with excellent results.

Aside from some possible adverse effects, smoking a CBD joint or vaping will be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream giving you the quickest was to take CBD. The use of carrier oils and thinning agents are proven harmful, as seen in recent news reports.

The intranasal (IN) delivery method has quite a bit of potential. It’s fast-acting and quickly absorbed and much safer than vaping. It may also be more efficient, meaning you may be able to take a smaller dose or concentration.

Studies continue on the efficacy of CBD suppositories. There are products on the market that claim to help localized ailments such as IBS, Chron’s, hemorrhoids, and other rectal inflammation and tumors.

The Vaginal delivery method has limited research and only anecdotal evidence. We do know that CBD can reduce neuroinflammation in the body, and positive reviews are now indicating a reduction in menstrual cramps as well as pelvic floor discomfort. Testing continues.


There are so many updates and reviews, and product claims made in the CBD industry practically every day.

FDA regulations and research, along with the NIH, are continuously testing all the delivery methods and proper use of CBD products along with all the other cannabinoids and terpenes.

You should be prudent in the research for your particular pain issues. Check the validity of the CBD company and their claims. Don’t just go by price, but by quality. Don’t avoid a medical condition when a professional health care provider may be the best choice.

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