Can CBD Oils Help With Cancer Pain?

Can CBD Oils Help With Cancer Pain

As the research continues on the many uses of CBD oils and other cannabinoids found in the cannabis and hemp plants, a great deal of focus has gone toward discovering how CBD oils can help with cancer pain, cancer treatments, and even cancer prevention.

CBD Oil & Cancer Relationship

In the medical field, the use of complementary or holistic treatments for cancer pain remains limited. The thinking in the medical community is still focusing on powerful drugs to treat the problem. It’s up to the individual to seek out and find the uses of CBD to either replace or reduce the use of opioids and add cannabinoid compounds.

Different cancers will refer to a different pain pattern. For instance, Breast cancer, back pain- pancreatic cancer, abdominal pain- leukemia, bone pain- lymphedema, abdominal pain. Why take strong medication if a few drops of CBD oils can help.

These cancer pain issues are some of the most studied for the use of cannabinoids to relieve pain, and I will refer to studies for these in particular. #cancerpain #cbdcancer #cbdbreastcancer #pancreaticcancersucks #leukemiafoundation #cancersucks

Can CBD Oils Help With Cancer Pain, weed

The Research

Most research is ongoing, and much of the studies are being done using medical marijuana. Marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is what causes marijuana’s high where cannabidiol (CBD) does not.

Although marijuana is federally illegal in the United States, more than half the states have passed laws legalizing the use of medical marijuana for specific medical conditions, including cancer.

According to BREASTCANCER.ORG, Many people diagnosed with cancer feel that CBD is better at controlling pain than THC.  The inference is that CBD may be better at easing pain, while THC may be better at controlling nausea, but may lead to anxiety, paranoia, and weight gain.

In an article from The Journal of Pancreatic Cancer, again studying the THC/CBD effects, states that cannabis rich in CBD is less psychoactive than those rich in THC. Dominant CBD strains are more suitable for applications in relieving spasms, pain, psychosis, anxiety, inflammation, and some other conditions, with lesser effects on lethargy. Overall, CBD is preferred for medical applications and has fewer health risks compared with THC and is useful in negating some of the adverse effects of THC. NIH

Pain from Cancer Treatments

Not only can cancer itself be the cause of pain, but also some of the treatments used to cure or reduce cancer, mainly the surgery.

Some of those treatments are radiation and chemotherapy, as well as side effects of strong pain medications such as opioids.

Other variables people have to deal with are not only pain issues, but all that comes along for this terrible reality. These include anxiety, stress, loneliness, seizures, neuropathy, side effects of medication and chemotherapy, and radiation.

Nerve pain, and the relief of nerve pain, may very well be the most requested by cancer patients, whether it’s from cancer itself or the treatment regimen of cancer.

The nervous system consists of the central nervous system comprising the brain and the spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system sends signals from the brain to the rest of the body.

Damage to the peripheral nervous system is known as peripheral neuropathy. There may be other factors that may cause peripheral neuropathy, such as diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy from cancer may come from tumors applying pressure on the nerves as well as chemotherapy drugs.

Oncologists, and the medical community, still seem to want to prescribe potent drugs for the pain. Yet, as the studies showing the positive effects of cannabinoid use for pain management, their thinking may start to lean towards complementary medicine.

CBD is also not approved by the FDA for pain relief and may be a factor in their selection.

CBD, as it relates to neuropathic pain, has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, anti-spasm, and neuroprotective.

CBD And Cancer Cell Growth

The cure for cancer is ongoing. So many studies and experiments trying to discover,  prevent, and or cure cancer seem to be at our fingertips. When that day comes, it will be a day to remember and rejoice.

Can CBD hold the key?

Preventing cancer cell growth by using cannabidiol, CBD still has a long way to go. Still, some laboratory studies found that stopping cell division is possible as well as triggering cell death.

Research continues, and it seems very positive.


I certainly do not know or pretend to understand what it means to have cancer, and definitely cannot fathom what emotions will take over in my life if I did. I am not second-guessing the medical professionals, nor questioning their use of proven methods in treating the cancer patient for pain management.

I look to the day that there is a cure or prevention for many cancers that take lives prematurely.

With so much that we do know about the uses of CBD and the adjunct effects of the THC/CBD combination, why not try it, not just for cancer pain but general pain management and inflammation in your daily stressful life as opposed to opioids.

Can CBD Oils Help With Cancer Pain

Finally, if you do shop for CBD oil, make sure it states Full Spectrum and has been through a Third Party Testing Lab.

This chart shows other cannabinoids you should find in a full spectrum CBD oil, which are synergistic and add to the so-called entourage effect. Also shown are some Delta-9 THC benefits.

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