CBD Oil For Beginners: Tips & What You Need to Know


CBD Oil – Lets get started

CBD Oil continues to be trending with new buzz-worthy products booming in wellness, cosmetics, and even coffee. The substance originally earned recognition for its potential to ease stress and anxiety, promote quality sleep, and alleviate seizures in patients with epilepsy. And, as the use of CBD has become more common, the discovery of new possible benefits has grown, including when it comes to fitness.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a useful tool with a range of health and wellness benefits. It can be found in oils, tinctures, gummies, or topical treatments, just to name a few. This naturally-occurring substance — derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa — is the non-psychoactive component of the plant. More commonly known is CBD’s high-inducing cousin, THC. Fortunately, CBD has many valuable properties without the mind-altering effects of cannabis, since CBD has such a minimal amount of THC at .3%. Once it’s in the body, CBD molecules interact with your body’s own endocannabinoid system tend to bind to cannabinoid receptors which are abundant throughout the brain and body, and then you’ll feel the effects.

CBD supports a range of benefits including encouraging quality sleep, supporting the signs of stress and anxiety, and providing topical support for aches and pains. Here’s what you need to know when looking for products, selecting concentrations, and determining dosing and concentrations when buying CBD.  

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What to look from CBD companies and products

It’s important to prioritize quality over price when looking for any wellness product. It’s best to start by knowing where your CBD was grown. Plants grown on U.S. farms are subject to higher quality controls and have more limited exposure to pesticides, which means better growth quality and better resulting CBD.

Remember, a higher price doesn’t always equate to better quality, so approach every product with a critical eye. Look into the specific company’s manufacturing process and verified lab reports to understand and confirm what you’re getting in each batch. You’ll also notice labeling indicating “Full Spectrum CBD” that you’ll want to pay close attention to since it contains all of the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. This means the oil is natural, wholesome, and contains the powerful properties derived straight from the hemp plant.

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Understanding concentration and how much to take

The number on the front of the bottle — often ranging from 300 mg to 10,000 mg — refers to the concentration of the product, or the potency of the entire bottle, not each serving. For example, if a bottle has a concentration of 1000 mg with 50 ml of drops and a serving size of 1 ml, then you’d be consuming 20 mg of CBD in each serving. Like CBD oils, capsules and gummies should also have the milligrams per product and serving clearly marked on the packaging. Topical products will also list the concentration per product as well as the amount of CBD contained in each serving amount.

Determining the right amount and concentration for your specific needs may be a bit more subjective. For beginners to CBD, here are a few tips for getting the right mix.

The optimal quantity needed depends on a variety of factors including the severity of symptoms, the condition needing support, desired health or wellness goals, body weight, and more. Every individual reacts differently to CBD at the start and with continued use. With that in mind, it’s generally recommended to begin with smaller amounts and to maintain use for at least 30 days to accurately assess effects. Many users start with 1-6 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight and increase gradually from there until they feel the desired effects.

Finding the right balance is often a process of trial and error, so be patient. For those needing a little extra assistance to reach the most effective balance, consult a doctor who has experience in hemp and CBD.

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