The Surprising Way to Maintain a Perfect Body System by Doing Constant Training

Workout out for a perfect body

Regardless of your current body system and what your goals may be, a well-rounded training program is a secret to achieving a perfect body system. There are so many myths surrounding what you need to achieve body goals but there is a tried and tested way of going about the constant training that will give you the ideal system. A combination of proper diet and exercise. This exercise has to include 5 elements for a balanced routine.

The Surprising Way to Maintain a Perfect Body System by Doing Constant Training


Also known as cardio or endurance training, it forms the bedrock of most fitness programs. It makes you breathe faster and deeper leading to high oxygen concentration within your circulatory system. Your heart rate rises sharply and blood supply to your lungs and muscles markedly increases. Aerobics include activities that involve large muscle groups such as jogging, dancing, biking, etc.

The department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 mins of vigorous aerobic activities every week. With improved aerobic fitness, oxygen transport is carried out more efficiently through the body. This results in an increased ability to carry out activities that could have made you feel weak and breathless in the past. The stairs are not such a bother to climb and dash to your car in a rain is not a chore.

Strength training

This is a key part of physical training. With only aerobics, you would shed not just fat but also muscle. Lean body mass is made up of muscle and bone. The percentage of which is proportional to a person’s basal metabolic rate (BMR). A higher BMR means greater caloric expenditure at rest and during exercise.

Aside from the weight loss benefits, strength training makes you stronger. Everyday activities become easier and you are more able to defend yourself physically if put in such a difficult position. You should try including all major muscle groups in your routine at least twice a week. Dumbbells, barbells, resistance belts are some of the tools you can use. Without this, you can still do push-ups, pullups, squats and crunches.

Core Exercises

The core is made up of the muscles of your abdomen, pelvis, and lower back. They help to protect soft tissue like the intestines, kidneys, and liver, maintain posture and connect upper and lower body movements. Building core strength is one of the ways to achieve the perfect body.

These exercises develop the muscles to better protect your spine while allowing for more efficient lower and upper body motor coordination. It can also help in improving posture and reducing lower back pain. Core exercises use your torso without added support. They include bridges, sit-ups and planks.

Flexibility and Stretching

This is an often neglected part of physical fitness. During any training, you need to include it to prevent injury. On their own, they improve flexibility and make daily activities which include stretching much easier. These exercises do wonders for a range of motion and help your joints. They improve posture and can lower levels of tension and stress, physically and mentally.

The Surprising Way to Maintain a Perfect Body System by Doing Constant Training, by the water

Stretch at the end of other kinds of exercise as warmed up muscles are more receptive to it. If you need to stretch before exercising too, try a quick 5 minutes warm-up before doing it. Even if you do not train constantly, stretch 2 or 3 times each week for about 10 mins to keep yourself nimble. Yoga is one form of stretching that is practiced on its own and is excellent for the mind as well as the body.

Balance Training

Another often neglected form of exercise because most people think exercise is all about weight loss or muscle building. Balance training can help you with muscle coordination at any age but it is of the most useful to older adults. This is due to the fact that balance diminishes with age and can result in falls and injuries. With these exercises, older people can maintain their autonomy for much longer.

Older group exercising outside

Anyone would benefit from this though since it also targets core muscles. Standing on one leg and increasing the duration with time is one way. Tai chi is known for promoting balance too and it is very relaxing.

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