How To Get Back In The Gym Post-Pandemic (Covid-19)

Gym After Covid19

Pandemics over, where to start?

It’s no secret — for many, their toughest workout during quarantine was picking up the remote control to fire up some Netflix and chill. We were all there at some point during this pandemic. But as the Coronavirus pandemic wanes, gyms around the nation are beginning to reopen, presenting an opportunity to turn it all back around and find some sense of normalcy.

So how should you approach the dilemma of wanting to hit the gym, but also wanting to be responsible and stay safe?

How To Get Back In The Gym Post-Pandemic (Covid-19) 1

Once your local gym does open, you should continue to practice social distancing just as you would anywhere else. If you’re thinking you don’t know how you could possibly do that at the gym, you’re not alone. Check out this guide from the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association on social distancing at the gym.

Some other things you can bring with you to the gym include:

  • your own yoga mat
  • your own towel
  • your own water bottle

Bringing these items will avoid unnecessary contact at the gym and decrease your chances of contracting a virus. And if you’re one of the lucky few who scored a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, bring that with you too.

Once you arrive at the gym, make sure to locate the cleaning wipes and wipe down any equipment before use. Coincidentally, wiping down equipment is one of the highest-rated actions of courteous gym-goers, so you can also check off your good-deed box for the day. Not surprisingly, according to the American Heart Association, bacteria and viruses are rampant in gyms.

That being said, you may be surprised by how long it is recommended to wipe equipment down for. According to Zogics,  when wiping down gym equipment you should spend two to three minutes and let it dry completely before the next person uses it.

How To Get Back In The Gym Post-Pandemic (Covid-19) 2

You’ll also want to plan ahead before hitting the gym. Due to social distancing measures, there will most definitely be some equipment that isn’t able to be used for an extended period of time — if at all. That may look like every other treadmill being open, or some parts of the machine section being closed. No matter how it looks at your gym though, you should at least be prepared for an extra 30 minutes to one hour of time that you’ll spend at the gym. That’ll give you enough time to wait for the person who always ignores the 30-minute time limit on the treadmills.

How To Get Back In The Gym Post-Pandemic (Covid-19) 3

Unfortunately, as people become more comfortable leaving their homes, experts say we could face a second wave of Coronavirus infections if people aren’t careful. But a second wave is absolutely preventable. Realistically, most states rank gyms very low on their priority list of businesses to open after stay-at-home orders are lifted. Whatever your opinion maybe, you’ll have to wait for your local government to allow gyms to open again.

Even though some gym owners disagree with the rules of their governor, states have shown that they are willing to arrest people who go to the gym against orders. It’s not worth getting in trouble to go to the gym, and there are plenty of home workouts to keep you busy. Once you can (legally) get to the gym, follow this guide, and be safe!

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