Avoid Sugary Drinks To Maintain A Healthy Immune System

Sugary Drinks

We all hear that “sugary drinks are bad for us,” but have you ever wondered why that is? Or what could possibly go wrong if we were to consume too much of it?

Holistic health experts, as well as many other professional health care providers, not only wonder about these questions but they conducted research and gave us reliable answers. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why it is important to avoid sugary drinks to maintain a healthy immune system. However, before we get into any scientific reasoning, let’s look at why we need a healthy and robust immune system.

Why We Need A Strong Immune System?

Our immune system is our built-in wall of defense mechanism against viruses, bacteria, and infections. It is vital to have a healthy and strong immune system because when it is weak, you will continuously fall sick. An average person comes in contact with thousands of germs, bacteria, and viruses each day. If you continue to live by dietary habits that are harmful to your immune system, you increase your chances of contracting a deadly virus that can destroy your entire body from inside-out.

Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Sugary Drinks

1.    They are Strongly Linked to Weight Gain

Most sugary drinks contain the most common form of sugar, i.e., sucrose or table sugar. Sucrose supplies a large amount of simple sugar fructose, which doesn’t let you feel full. In other words, when you drink a sugary drink, it will count in your daily calorie intake, but it won’t make you feel full, and it can even make you feel hungrier. This is why one study indicates; people who consume more sugary drinks gain more weight, and are, therefore, more at risk for obesity.

2.    Sugary Sodas Contain No Essential Nutrients

Sugary drinks like sodas contain virtually no essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins, or fibers. This means consuming sugary drinks, especially soda, increases just your sugar consumption level, unnecessary calories, and nothing else.

3.    Sugary Drinks Can Become Addictive

Since the human brain is hardwired to seek out activities that will release dopamine in our brains, some people can become addicted to sugary drinks. This is because sugar has a somewhat similar effect on our brains. One study even indicates that not only sugary drinks but junk food, in general, have an effect on our brains that is equivalent to hard drugs. This is why health experts suggest that sugary drinks can spike reward-seeking behavior, especially dietary habits, resulting in food addictions and other dietary disorders.

4.    Sugary Beverages May Increase Heart Disease Risk

Many studies suggest a strong relationship between high sugar consumption (primarily through sweetened drinks) and a high risk of heart diseases. This includes high blood sugar levels, small, dense LCL particles, and blood triglycerides.

One 20-year study explains that a person who drinks one sugary drink per day will have a 20% higher risk of heart attack, which can very well be fatal. This reason should alone be enough to put off people from sugary drinks, as we have yet to meet a person that fancies dying from a heart attack.

5.    A large amount of Sugar Consumption Turns into Fat in Your Liver 

Once again, the type of sugar that sugary drinks utilize, sucrose, may prove to be critically harmful to you. The reason behind this being that while our bodies can metabolize glucose in almost every cell of our body, only the liver can metabolize sucrose. This means that when you consume too many sugary drinks and with it sucrose, you overload your liver with turning excess sugar into fat. This leads to various non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases.

6.    Sugar Drastically Increases Belly Fat Accumulation

As mentioned above, sugary drinks make you gain weight. However, fructose, which is another prevalent type of sugar in sugary drinks, accumulates dangerous fat around our organs and belly. Our belly fat is also called visceral fat. Excess of this type of fat can also lead to various cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Sugary Drinks
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7.    Sugary Drinks Like Soda May Cause Insulin Resistance

Insulin drives glucose from your bloodstream to your cells. However, when a person drinks too much sugary soda, they make their cells less resistant or sensitive to the effects of insulin. This is is when the pancreas is compelled to start removing glucose from the bloodstream. If, for some reason, the fail-safe mechanism does not work, t there is no other built-in method for stopping the insulin level in their blood from spiking.

Insulin resistance is a crucial feature of metabolic syndrome, which leads to heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

8.    Sugar May Cause Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone that our bodies produce to regulate the number of calories we consume and burn. Leptin adjusts to everyone’s unique personal condition, especially obesity or starvation, which is why it is also called the starvation or fullness hormone. Studies indicate that high-fructose consumption, hint: sugary drinks, can drive leptin resistance.

9.    Sugary Drinks Contribute to Poor Oral Health

The acid in the sugary soda drinks create an unpleasant acidic environment in our mouths, which is an optimum environment for the growth of harmful bacteria. The sugar in drinks provides easily digestible energy to the bacteria for further growth. This is, without a doubt, bad for our teeth and our oral health.

10.  Sugary Drinks Can Lead to an Increased Risk of Gout and Cancer

With chronic severe health risks and diseases like heart diseases, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, cancer comes hand-in-hand. It is no surprise to anyone when sugary drinks are associated with an increased risk of cancer. According to one study, adults were 87% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer when they drank two or more sugary drinks in a week.

Bottom Line

Drinking a high level of sugary drinks is bad for our health, not just our immune system, especially since it causes or leads to so many unnecessary conditions. This is why it is best to avoid sugary drinks entirely. A herbal tea alternative is always a great option for your health

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