Maintaining Your Training Routine? Here Are 5 Ways To Do It

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Talking about exercise is so easy. Yet even when you really want to keep at it, your mind finds tricky self-sabotaging techniques to apply. Excuses can range from I’m too tired (but not enough to stop me from a night on the town) to I’m too busy (yet still spend hours on social media). Sometimes we blame our lack of motivation on external factors like rainy weather or gym closure.

There are many tactics you can use to maintain a constant body training routine. Outlined are five ways with which you can achieve this.

Be Realistic

It is unlikely that you will lose 20 pounds in a week. Give yourself realistic goals and find your limits. You could never attempt running 10 miles on the 1st day of starting out because that will just leave you sore, injured, and be bad for morale. It is more reasonable to attempt 2.5 miles for the first week and when it becomes easy, you take it up a notch.

A lot of people abandon their work out routine within the 1st year because they just cannot maintain the boot-camp pace which they pushed on themselves. As you exercise, you will know what you can handle and stick with that until it gets normal, then push harder.

Get It Automatic With Triggers

Priming yourself with cues is one of the ways of successfully maintaining an exercise habit. Research has even found this to be true and many constant exercises rely on this tactic. Triggers are basically reminders which work at a deeper than conscious level. They could be a particular time of the day, a place, or anything that can initiate a response.

Think about your meal times, eating about the same time regularly makes you crave food when it’s around that time. Even when you really aren’t;t hungry, you might just feel the need to eat. They put you on autopilot, so you don’t really deliberate the course of your action. Think up clever ways to set exercise up to be a no-brainer.

Reward Yourself

Exercise has its own rewards and this is why people engage and consider engaging in it. It gives you higher energy levels, boosts immunity, improves sleep habits, and a sense of well-being. The catch is that these rewards are more likely experienced in the long run.

When beginning a lifestyle that includes exercise you should find ways to shower yourself with immediate rewards. These give you even more reason to reach your fitness goal. Pick something that you love to indulge in and only let yourself enjoy it if you stick to your plan. For instance, you can reward yourself with a spa day after 2 weeks of chasing your body goals. For daily rewards, it could be a warm soak or a delicious cup of coffee.

treating yourself when maintaining a workout routine or plan

Pick Activities that You Will Enjoy

If the type of workout you do is not enjoyable or makes you feel inept, you run the risk of ditching it. Running and weight-lifting are not activities you have to do because that is what you see or hear that others are doing. Everyone is different and various paths can lead to one destination.

Choose something that fits your lifestyle, maybe you take a 20-minute bus home after work each day, you could convert this to a 60-minute brisk walk. It is healthier for the environment and saves you the fare. Bike riding through the park during the weekends, exergames, or joining a dance class are fun alternatives to the gym.

Make it Social

Exercise need not be a solitary activity. Making it something you used to hang out with loved ones is a good way of maintaining a routine. If you miss a day, your friends will complain and this would be needed motivation. Another thing that making it social could do is create competition. If your friend runs 5 miles, you would push yourself to do the same or even better.

Walking for a workout, 2 women

However, the company may matter more to those who dislike competition. Joining a water aerobics, yoga or spin class can be a better option. If you are sporty, playing tennis or soccer with friends in the evening are great ways to shed weight while having a great time.

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