How To Treat Epilepsy With CBD

5 Facts about Cannabidiol, cbd

Have you heard bout CBD? How about Epilepsy? Epilepsy affects over 60 million people globally. In the United States of America, 26% of the population will have epileptic symptoms at least once in their lifetime. Significant signs of epilepsy include regular seizures.

Significant causes of epilepsy include genetics, stroke, infection, and head traumas. Most times, patients with epilepsy have cognitive impairment and are at high risk of premature death. Epilepsy affects people of all ages.

Although several drugs can curb seizures, no cure has prevailed to prevent the leading cause of epilepsy. Cannabis has shown promise in the treatment of medical cases.

Why CBD?

Cannabidiol, popularly referred to as CBD has gained popularity in recent times. The reason is based on its potential ability to address medical issues. The CBD is obtained from the cannabis plant.

However, it is not the only compound found inside the cannabis plant. Another common compound with the cannabis plant is referred to as THC. Expected medical benefits of CBD include relief from pain, improvement in mood disorder.

But the most exciting news about CBD at the moment is its potential to treat epilepsy. The use of CBD for the treatment of seizures started in 2018. However, it has only prevailed to treat two forms of epilepsy.

These forms are Dravet syndrome, and Lennox – Gastaut syndrome. These forms of epilepsy are resistant to drugs. The CBD medication employed for the treatment of these forms of epilepsy is Epidiolex.

It is important to note that research into the potentials of CBD is in infancy. Hence, some people are not sure of the effectiveness of CBD in treating epilepsy. Therefore, we shall answer some questions which most potential patients have concerning the use of CBD.

How effective is CBD for the treatment of Epilepsy?

Epileptic patients experience seizures frequently and weakness. Seizures transpire when the brain experiences an unexpected burst of electrical impulse. These impulses affect the way the patient moves and thinks. Since epilepsy and brain activity are linked, it will seem wrong to recommend cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy.

However, a significant benefit of CBD is that it has no intoxicating effect. This implies that you can’t get”high” after taking CBD. Hence, CBD has shown both neuro-protective and seizure – reducing capabilities during clinical trials.

Therefore, CBD is capable of reducing the transmission of overactive neurons. It will help curtail inflammation and reduce seizures. The approval of Epidiolex as a medication will have a big impact on the lives of epilepsy patients.

Research into Epidiolex particularly discovered that it could help lower both regularities of seizures and their severity. The medication lessened the regularity of attacks from %100 to 60%. Hence, this medication will have a positive impact on the existence of epilepsy patients.

Furthermore, the quality of life of epilepsy patients with Dravet syndrome or Lennox – Gastaut syndrome will significantly improve. Also, their life expectancy will rise because of the CBD medication – Epidiolex.

How To Treat Epilepsy With CBD
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Implications of FDA approval of Epidiolex for treating epilepsy

The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) approved Epidiolex, CBD medication for treating epilepsy back in 2018. Epidiolex is suitable for patients of age two and above. However, the drug is only effective against either Dravet Syndrome or Lennox – Gastaut syndrome.

CBD interaction with other drugs

CBD is a natural compound, which comes from plants. However, during treatment, it may work alongside other drugs. These other drugs, when used with CBD, may come with risks.

Hence, people are want to undergo treatment should know how drugs interact with CBD. For example, those with an underlying health condition like liver disease need regular checks to monitor how their drugs interact with CBD.

Furthermore, purity is essential for anyone who wants to use CBD oil to treat conditions such as epilepsy. Renowned manufacturers propose third-party lab testing to know the details of compounds in each bottle. The benefit of this kind of testing is that each individual receives a measured dose.

Possible side effects of CBD medication for epilepsy

The extent of the interaction between CBD and other medications is difficult at this stage because more research needs to be done. However, there are slight effects on other anti-epileptic medicines. For example, CBD usage has been linked to a higher number of liver enzymes when consumed simultaneously with sanity seizure medications.

Furthermore, CBD side effects comprise loss of appetite, diarrhea, and lethargy. However, doctors consider these effects mild. Hence the reason CBD exists as recognized as a safe treatment choice for epilepsy.

How To Treat Epilepsy With CBD
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Current research into CBD has shown promise in taking care of epilepsy. Although CBD has proven effective against resistant epilepsy, Doctors should be careful when administering it. The reason is that there are some health risks associated with the use of CBD.

Therefore, before deciding to use CBD as a means of treatment, speak to a doctor. Also, work with doctors during treatment to monitor results and watch out for side effects.

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