Do You Have Back Pain? You Need to Know The Common Causes

5 Most Common Causes of Back Pain, back massage

The number of people who face issues like back pain is increasing around the world at an alarming rate. It can be a symptom of multiple disorders and diseases. Alternatively, constant back pain can cause multiple diseases and disorders. Research shows that back pain is among the leading causes of disability. The great news is, most forms of back pain are treatable. You can use various remedies and treatments to treat your back pain and end it.

In this article, I will tell you about the most common causes of back pain.

What Back Pain Feels Like

Do You Have Back Pain? You Need to Know The Common Causes 1

Many people confuse the stomach and kidney pains with back pain. However, back pain is an entirely different episode from them. When you are suffering from back pain, you will feel an ache, burn, shooting, or a stabbing sensation in your back. You feel it in your muscles or directing in your bone.

Causes of Back Pain

Strain in your Muscles and Ligaments

If you have bad posture or are constantly lifting heavy items because of work or lifestyle, your spinal ligaments and muscles can accumulate strain.

These pains are most common among people in the working-class, as employers do not provide an ergonomic environment to the employees. The best way to get rid of this pain is by correcting your posture and avoid lifting heavy contents.

Ruptured Disks

You have disks in your spine that act as cushions and prevent friction in your bones. If the disks get ruptured, your vertebrae bones start rubbing with one another and start causing startling pain. Bulging in the disks can also cause excruciating pain.

A major reason behind such back pain is spinal X-ray. Therefore, if your back starts aching after a spinal x-ray, you need to tell your doctor right away.

5 Most Common Causes of Back Pain, skeleton of a dinosaur


When you suffer from osteoarthritis, the spaces between your spinal cord get super narrow. You might know this condition as spinal stenosis as well.

Many factors can cause osteoarthritis in people. However, obesity seems to be the rising cause of the disorder, as you are carrying more body weight than you should. Your weight is putting irrelevant stress on joints, which causes intense wear and tear.

Another common cause of osteoarthritis is joint injuries from accidents and sport. Such injuries take years to heal, despite taking necessary precautions. Some sufferers explain that they started dealing with osteoarthritis after their injury completely healed.


Osteoporosis is not that common—however, people suffering from the disease experience excruciating pain. Osteoporosis is a painful disease, which causes your bones to fracture as they get brittle and porous.

The condition is very common in women. A  major cause for it is aging, low levels of sex hormones, lower body weight, heavy dosage medicines, smoking, menopause, lower body weight, vitamin D and calcium deficiency, and over or under-exercising.

Age Factor

When you start aging, your bones start weakening because of all the wear and tear they experience throughout the years. When you get in your older years, your bones start losing nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, when you grow older, you should start eating better so that you can spend your old age years peacefully.

5 Most Common Causes of Back Pain, older couple swinging in the park

Final Feedback

Consistent back pain causes various diseases and disorders. Nevertheless, it can also be a symptom of various disorders and diseases. Therefore, you need to keep a keen eye on your back pains. It would be best if you started treating your back pain right away, or it might build up to some other horrific disorder or disease.

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