How To Reduce Anxiety or Inflammation – Food For The Calm Peaceful Though

How To Reduce Anxiety or Inflammation - Food For The Calm Peaceful Though 1

Reduce Anxiety – Where To Start?

Anxiety and/or Inflammation is a difficult condition that so many of us are all too familiar with. Reducing anxiety, considering the state of the world right now is far more unstable than we are used to, and many people are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety. While there is no quick or easy fix for the problem, small habitual changes can be powerful, especially when implemented over time. While solutions for anxiety are as diverse as its causes, eating strategically is a great way to find some relief.

Reduce Anxiety and Inflammation with Food
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Fatty acids are beneficial in many regards, but omega 3 is a standout fatty acid in the arena of fighting anxiety. Omega 3 has been researched and shown to have a significant impact against both stress and anxiety. Consuming omega 3 consistently allows for a healthy accumulation in the body and is the best way to reap its benefits. While many types of fish contain omega 3 fatty acids, salmon contains more than most others, along with a multitude of other beneficial nutrients.

Salmon is rich in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12 which is great for stabilizing energy levels. Potassium, also present in salmon, has been proven to help control blood pressure, which if high can increase anxiety. The list of beneficial nutrients in salmon is longer than we have time to discuss here, but one more worth mentioning is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is more directly linked to depression than anxiety, but low levels of the vitamin have been shown to wreak havoc on overall mental health. Salmon is rightfully considered by many to be a superfood due to its variety of benefits. It is delicious, easy to prepare, and great for physical and mental health.

Inflammation – Additional effects…

            Inflammation may be a bother physically, but it is also linked to anxiety and other mental health issues. Inflammation occurs as an immune response, generally to toxins or infections in the body, and sometimes to substances that our bodies are not familiar with. When the body is constantly irritated, the mind can be signaled to be on alert. A mind that is constantly on high alert, even in safe environments is an anxious mind! Anti Inflammatory foods help the body to naturally process unfamiliar substances through good stuff like antioxidants and polyphenols. Foods like blueberries and pomegranates are renowned for their antioxidant levels, other foods that decrease inflammation include tomatoes, olive oil, a variety of nuts, and fish like salmon!

            Magnesium has been shown in studies to work against anxiety, and because calcium and zinc play a large role in helping to absorb magnesium in the body, whole foods are the most functional way to get your fill! Leafy greens are my favorite magnesium filled food because they are so easy to incorporate. They have a great balance of magnesium, calcium, and zinc, so a fresh salad is a perfect way to get your fill of these vitamins. Some of my other personal favorite foods with magnesium and calcium are avocados, cultured yogurt, and dark chocolate.

Being inside and away from routine can be difficult, but focusing extra energy on positive self-care can be therapeutic. While there may be excess pressure to fall into a good self-care routine, deep breaths and slow changes are okay too. Turn on your favorite music, and whether it be quality alone time or over facetime, cook your way to calm. Not only will you look and feel better, but your body and your mind will also thank you later.

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