Stop Drinking Tap! Fluoride & Other Contaminants Commonly Lurking In Tap Water

Tap water Fluoride contaminants

You may be shocked to learn that our public drinking water systems in the USA are heavily contaminated with fluoride and many other dangerous chemicals. These contaminants are extremely difficult to remove from tap water and pose a serious risk to public health, especially for sensitive demographics like pregnant women and children. Remember, drinking about a half-gallon of pure clean water every day is necessary for good mental and physical health! Despite popular belief, water contamination is not an issue of the past. In recent years, up to one-third of Americans who consumed tap water were drinking water that was so contaminated it violated federal drinking standards. Read on to learn more about fluoride and other harmful contaminants commonly lurking in your tap water.


Almost all drinking water across the USA has been fluoridated in an effort to allegedly combat tooth decay, yet this controversial chemical has been the target of a large amount of growing data that suggests its harmful effects may outweigh any dental benefits. This toxic chemical has been found to cause a range of health problems, including arthritis, gastrointestinal issues, kidney disease, diabetes, and more. Fluoride is commonly sourced from China where chemical production laws are even less strict than in the USA, and when tested has been found to include notable levels of arsenic and lead.


Arsenic is a known human carcinogen. Studies have shown that it can also cause a range of health problems, from digestive issues to skin cancer. Another scary fact, it can not be detected by sight or smell and must be tested for in order to determine the level present in tap water.

drinking tap water is contaminated


The heavy metal known as lead can be leached from pipes, especially if they are old and the water is particularly corrosive. The consumption of lead has been linked to neurological and behavioral problems, amongst other adverse health effects. Worse yet, even new plumbing fixtures are not always free of lead.


Typically originating from fertilizers and sewer systems, nitrates are extremely common in tap water, especially in rural areas. Infants are especially at risk of developing a potentially deadly disease, “baby blue”, in which they turn blue from the blood losing its ability to carry vital oxygen.


While most bacteria are harmless, and some may even be beneficial, others may be harmful to your health. Tap water has been known to contain such dangerous microorganisms as E.Coli and Legionella Pneumophila, which may be potentially fatal to infants and the elderly. Bacteria, Viruses, and parasites continue to routinely make their way into drinking water supplies.

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In recent years, special attention has been given to the presence of aluminum in tap water. It has been linked to nervous system damage, kidney disease, and dementia. This is definitely a common contaminant to watch out for!

Vinyl Chloride

The material used in PVC products like some of the pipes tap water travels through contaminating the water with Vinyl Chloride. This toxic substance is known to cause cancer. It has appeared in numerous public sources of drinking water across the country.


Prescription drugs find their way into water supplies in trace amounts from the urine of individuals who initially consume them. Exposure to such substances can interrupt the natural balance and functioning of the ecosystem and the human body. Clearly more needs to be done to reduce the number of pharmaceuticals making their way into the environment.

Stop Drinking Tap! Fluoride & Other Contaminants Commonly Lurking In Tap Water 1

To reduce the number of harmful contaminants in your tap water you can purchase a water filtration system for your home. Evidence suggests that a reverse osmosis water filtration system is extremely effective at purifying water. Their effectiveness may reduce over time with use, but is still a worthy investment.

If you don’t have the ability to install a filtration system, you may purchase pure water from a distributor like PRIMO water, who utilizes a reverse osmosis filtration system to ensure your water is completely free from contaminants. Their bottle recycling system reduces toxic pollution in the environment as well! You can also help improve the quality of your drinking water by supporting advocates for stronger public health and water safety regulations.

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