5 YouTube Workout Channels to Get You in Shape at Home

5 YouTube Workout Channels to Get You in Shape at Home

These days it’s easy to still get a rigorous workout even without stepping foot in a gym. With the internet, smart TVs, phones, and a computer at your disposal, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection, an open browser, and a little will power to sweat it out right from your living room. There are virtually endless options to explore from HIIT workouts and strength training to yoga and even meditation. Simply log on and find the instructor that fits your needs. So, now is the time to save some money, skip the gym membership and try out these YouTube workout channels.


For those of you familiar with the popular lifestyle site, POPSUGAR Fitness is just as stacked with great workouts for every type of fitness routine. With a variety of trainers offering everything from energetic hip-hop dance classes to high-intensity interval training, you can try out a new leader with a new style every day. The variety will keep your heart rate and excitement high and boredom at an all-time low with no two days alike. There are classes offering weight training or toning workouts using only bodyweight if all you have is a mat and a living room.


Casey Ho is an award-winning instructor, and her top-notch pilates style workouts are now on YouTube for every amateur and expert to take advantage of with Blogilates. The proof is in the pudding, with her YouTube channel carrying a following of over 5 million subscribers. Select options with arm-toning focus or booty and leg specific workouts. Either way, you’ll feel the burn with deliberate and controlled movements, and work your way toward a toned, strong body.

Yoga Workout with Adriene

When you’re in need of a calming presence in your home, Yoga with Adriene will lead you to your center while building strength and flexibility with videos for “all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls,” as she aptly describes on her YouTube channel. She has a beginner series and a foundation series for newbies to the practice, and she even curates into playlists specifically curated for weight loss or total body workouts. The skilled yoga instructor has a die-hard following of over 8 million followers who flock to her know-how and an incredible variety of classes available.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender has easily become a staple for at-home fitness and a staple for workouts that you can do from your living room. The channel offers strength training, cardio, and more with weight training and other no-equipment options. There are 500+ full-length classes to choose from, ranging from 10-minute ab workout to full-body workouts that span over an hour. If you need more than just a sweat session, you can even find a few recipes and meal-prep ideas on their YouTube channel for nutritional advice and help beyond the workout.


This channel stands for heart and soul…literally. HASfit, or Heart and Soul Fit, is all about strength and tone. So, if getting lean and toned is on your mind, this is the channel to check in to. Their strength-training workouts include classes with or without dumbbells, depending on how much you have at home. The videos range in-focus area and length, so whatever your needs or level, there’s a video to help achieve your goal.

YouTube brings personal training right into your living room with different styles and class types to keep your fitness routine fresh and exciting. Now is the time to jump on a new routine and make working out at home your new normal.

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5 YouTube Workout Channels to Get You in Shape at Home

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