Healthy Eating During A Pandemic (COVID-19), Where Do You Start?

Healthy Eating During A Pandemic (COVID-19), Where Do You Start? 1

As the world is reeling over the recently declared global pandemic all thanks to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we have lost focus on the basics and what’s most important amongst the chaos. One area of our life that we should continue to put energy into is the food we are putting into our bodies. Nutrients are more important now than ever as we are all trying our best to maintain social distancing, stay inside as much as possible and wash our hands, what feels like, constantly.

While the trend we see across media outlets tends to be around the idea of grocery store hoarding in panic, it is important to focus on avoiding that option and planning ahead. We thought we would share some of the best tips to maintain a healthy diet and a little bit of control during this unprecedented time.

Plan Out Your Meals

We feel as though we don’t have much control these days since COVID-19 runs the show, but we can control our grocery list. Don’t waste your time (and money) running to the grocery store to stock up on months’ worth of canned goods and shelf staples. Instead, shop smart.

Plan your meals for the next two weeks or so and write down all the necessary ingredients you require. In an effort to avoid leaving the house frequently it is best, at this point, to plan for the next 2-3 weeks so you only make 1-2 trips per month. Writing down exactly what you need keeps your budget on track. This also allows you to plan your meals in advance to avoid unnecessary binge ordering from the local pizza shop and the ever so often question, “what’s for dinner?”. Planning ahead equals success when it comes to mealtime.

Healthy Eating During COVID-19
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Stick to the Perimeter

When shopping and writing your list of must-haves aim to use ingredients from the outside perimeter of the store. This includes fresh produce, lean meats and healthy dairy options. The middle aisles are usually jam-packed with less-than-healthy options that can be filled with preservatives, high levels of sodium and sugar and GMOs. Even during a pandemic, grocery stores are chock full of fruits and vegetables to fill your cart and your plate.

Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

Daily vitamins aid in overall good health. Taking daily vitamins can increase your energy levels, improve your mood and reduce anxiety and stress. Now if that isn’t something that we all could use during this trying time, right? If you are normally someone who lifts weights and can’t because your gym is currently closed down, vitamins also help maintain you muscle strength. Opt for varieties that do not have any artificial ingredients or added sugars. Always check with your healthcare provider prior to beginning any new supplements.


With all the extra time on our hands it can be easy to fill those voids with food. Choose against that option and make sure you are properly hydrating instead. It is vitally important to good health to take in at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. Ideally you want to aim for at least a gallon a day, but if you are new to including a large amount of water in your daily life start slow and don’t chug it all at once. Staying hydrated helps balance your blood sugar and aids in that healthy skin glow. Choose spring water over filtered water if possible and avoid brands that include the sodium addition.

Staying Hydrated During a Pandemic

With all that we are facing as a nation (and a world), it is easy to lose track of what’s most important; taking care of ourselves. Keeping a healthy diet will aid in overall better health and keep us focused on our fitness and life goals.

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